Management Consulting: Most of the companies in the world are going uphill because of an economic slowdown. Coronavirus has slowed down the pace of life, with many of the countries suffering from the effects of lockdown. Governments are empowering their corporations through deficit funding and thus rising inflation. We at Universal Solutions are empowering our clients by ways and means of managing through this difficult phase, and launching them in the higher growth trajectory. As management consultants, we basically help you in Strategy, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource. It’s not just the advisory services that we provide, if need be then we also help your company in the implementation of our advice to your business. With our proven expertise in solving complex business problems, we strive to help you in your way of success.

Information Technology Solutions: With our 22 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry, we help you in making sense of all the data relevant to your business. Using Information technology as a tool to empower your business with information, transforming all the cluttered data to get insightful information for your business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: In the modern world, human resource is the biggest asset of your company. We help you in payroll process outsourcing, so that you can focus on your core business. Managing Human capital needs becomes even more difficult with the current economic scenario. What are your human resource needs, what are the training needs of your people, are your people motivated, are you hiring the right kind of people for your business, and are you able to retain them. We help you with all these challenges. Let us be the people partner in your growth story.

Media Solutions: Media Industry is the backbone of any nation. Providing information through Television Media and Print Media, although radio is also a popular medium of getting information aswell. Universal Solutions is helping some of the television media companies to increase their revenue and profitability, without diluting the brand value. We are also helping some of the print media companies to increase the circulation and advertisement billing.