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“ Universal Solutions aims at solving the problems in the Business World and Governments. We are not selling Hardware or Software or any other commodity for that matter. We provide you intelligent insights, that empower your decision making. There is large amount of data in the world, Trillions and Trillions of Giga bytes of data, how do you make sense of what needs to be done? This is where we come in and help our clients. In a world that is struggling to cope up with the damage caused due to Coronavirus, many of the companies need a fresh look at their Business Models.”

Our Services

Management Consulting Services

Most of the companies in the world are going uphill because of an economic slowdown.

Information Technology Solutions

With our 22 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry,

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In the modern world, human resource is the biggest asset of your company.

Media Solutions Services

Media Industry is the backbone of any nation. Providing information through

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